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Nicolas Zhang
Nicolas Zhang
Tsinghua Shengjing Technology & Innovation Technology Transfer Center

Mr. Nicolas Zhang xiaoyu is the 1st Registered Technology Transfer Professionals (RTTP) in China. Joint recognized by ATTP (AUTM, PraxisUnico, ASTP-Proton, KCA) He started his career working for UNIDO, acting as UN Green Funding for developing countries, where he helped manage 5 Million USD UN funding and learn how to do due diligence and evaluation of applicants companies, projects and technologies. He used to work for BTEC, where he founded International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN), China-Italy Technology Transfer Center, founded ITTC conference and CITTC Center cluster. He lead around 20 people team and 55 part-time technicians generating totally 94 technology transfer deals within 3 years. He used to work for Peking University, Purdue University and ICUK, having 3 countries university TTOs working experience with comprehensive mixed-culture and multiple abilities, Physical Science background, researchers experience, MBA, patent attorney and M&A experience. Since his career, he has led his team managed and evaluated more than 1200 different projects and generated around 160 successful tech-transfer deals, including licensing, patent transfer, Patent Joint Venture, M&A, distribution, Joint Manufacture etc

Research Interest

Nonlinear Dynamics, Mathematical Modelling, Optical Techniques, Materials Science.

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