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Daniel Chateigner
Daniel Chateigner
University of Caen Normandy

Daniel Chateigner is a specialist in Quantitative Texture Analysis using X-rays and neutron diffraction. His main last ten-years activity are two folded: i) push forward the development of QTA, structure, crystallite sizes, reflectivity, residual stresses, phase analysis, fluorescence ..., in a single approach called "Combined Analysis" (ISTE-Wiley 2010). This methodology has been employed in many science fields, from high-tech materials to biomineralisation. ii) developments of Open Databases around crystallography, the largest worldwide Crystallography Open Database (COD, the Materials Properties Open Database (MPOD, more recently the Raman Open Database (ROD and Theoretical CODs, TCOD ( and PCOD ( In 1996 he worked as research fellow at the University of California at Berkeley (Earth and Planetary Science department, USA) then became Maître de Conférences at Université du Maine (Le Mans, France). Since 2001 he is Professor at University of Caen – Basse Normandie (France). He gained a PhD in Physics and Crystallography from Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France) in 1994.

Research Interest

Nonlinear Dynamics, Mathematical Modelling, Optical Techniques, Materials Science.

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